mindfulbreathing Die mobile Praxis für Ayurveda und Naturheilkunde
mindfulbreathingDie mobile Praxis für Ayurveda und Naturheilkunde



Welcome to MindfulBreathing - my mobile practice of naturopathy and Ayurveda medicine in Bonn and surroundings. I can visit you in your home!


Aging healthily and happily’


Asian-based approaches provide valuable techniques to approach these fundamental goals. The therapeutic secret is ‘supporting self-healing energies.’




Purely natural remedies and methods are put to work for your health and well-being.


Main Treatments


1. Ayurvedic diagnosis and consultation

Getting to know the nature of your body

Understanding symptoms and health development


2. Manual therapy

Detoxifying and nourishing with precious oils

Mobilising your unique individual energies


3. Mindfulness-based coaching

Attention to and sympathy for yourself

Returning to your natural equilibrium


Because we are all individuals, each and every path is personal.


How I support you


My goal is to identify the techniques with you that are promising to improve specifically your situation. Moreover, in choosing the techniques we will consider how they fit into your daily life, give you delight and keep you motivated. It is my pleasure and duty to accompany you on this personal path by my heart.


I am looking forward to you!


Contact me today to schedule a first appointment. I very much look forward to hearing from you!



Dr. phil. Dinah Jung, HP

Healthcare practitioner







Kontakt / Contact

dr. phil. dinah jung, HP

Tel. +49 (0) 176 9860 5360

mindfulbreathing [at] gmx.de

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