mindfulbreathing Die mobile Praxis für Ayurveda und Naturheilkunde
mindfulbreathingDie mobile Praxis für Ayurveda und Naturheilkunde


I became familiar with traditional Asian medicine during my travels in Asia while researching the history of the fine use of aromatics. This included pharmaceutical methods and medical techniques which are referred to today as ‘phyto-‘ or ‘aromatherapy.’ My research also addressed elaborate approaches to calm down and refine one’s personality by meditating on fragrances, and simply the appreciation of redolent substances.


The benefits, and the feedback from friends, made me eager to make these techniques and knowledge available for patients. With every day, my passion grows to strengthen self-healing resources by the help of tools derived from Asian cultures.


Training in Ayurveda and Asian therapeutic techniques


My key education in Asian healing systems is my experience living and working in Asia with Asians, as well as with Westerners who have spent many years in Asia.


Specifically Islamic cultures introduced me to the beauty and spiritual riches of nature, before Buddhist and Hindu cultures let me dive more deeply into the aesthetic complex which is characteristic of olfaction - the connection between physical processes, perception, and emotional well-being. I pursued traditional education in this field in Asia – the connection between energy flows, breathing and aromatics – it was the beginning of my career as a naturopath.


I also studied at the following health centres and clinics in Germany:

  • Maharishi Ayurveda Health Centre, in Bad Ems,
  • Habichtswald Clinik Ayurveda, in Kassel.


Training in Modern and Traditional European Medicine


I grew up with naturopathy, so that the techniques associated with such names as Bruker, Kneipp and Mayr, have been familiar to me for many years. I finally chose to contribute to research on naturopathic techniques and then studied naturopathy, including training in classical medicine. 





Committed to the Asian natural, cultural and intangible heritage of perfumery arts, I try to contribute to its safeguarding.




For an academic CV, see HERE.





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dr. phil. dinah jung, HP

Tel. +49 (0) 176 9860 5360

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