mindfulbreathing Die mobile Praxis für Ayurveda und Naturheilkunde
mindfulbreathingDie mobile Praxis für Ayurveda und Naturheilkunde

First visit


For our first meeting, please reserve about one hour of time.


What we will do


During this first consultation we will clarify

  • Your natural constitution and sources of resilience,
  • The momentary strains on your health,
  • Your therapeutic goals.


We will then develop ideas and create a program which at you may change or add to in your daily life to approach these goals.


Please bring with you


  • Reports (blood, operations, etc.)
  • Filled-out forms:
    • Medical questionnaire,
    • Contract governing medical treatment,
    • Consent to data transmission of payment.
  • Other relevant information you feel I should know.





Kontakt / Contact

dr. phil. dinah jung, HP

Tel. +49 (0) 176 9860 5360

mindfulbreathing [at] gmx.de

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