mindfulbreathing Die mobile Praxis für Ayurveda und Naturheilkunde
mindfulbreathingDie mobile Praxis für Ayurveda und Naturheilkunde





Since Ayurveda medicine does not focus on isolated symptoms, but addresses the whole person, every patient is welcome to search for an amelioration of her/his situation by Ayurveda.


It has proved to be especially valuable in the following cases:


  • Prevention
  • Complementary therapy in the case of, for example:
    • Irritable bowl syndrome
    • Chronic diseases
  • Rehabilitation


Therapeutic methods


Depending on your individual needs and goals, we will choose therapeutic tools from both Ayurveda and from European naturopathy:


  • Nutrition
  • Phytotherapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • Manual therapy (massage)
  • Exercises
  • Oxygen therapy


Tools from mind-body-medicine are especially helpful in achieving long-lasting results in terms of empowerment. Mindfulness-based coaching will help you to become aware of your resources and to let them work for you:


  • Relaxation techniques, for example with the help of art-based therapies and interoception
  • Mindfulness-based talk therapy



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Clearly, Ayurveda and naturopathy do not substitute for institutionalized medical treatment. Emergencies and severe diseases always demand immediate classical therapy by institutionalized medicine. After having overcome the precarious moment, you are welcome to search for Ayurvedic treatment in order to stabilize your energy and for secondary prevention.


Remarks on naturopathy





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